How to use the Segment Builder


All you need is a Strava Account and a Garmin Edge 1000.

Note: You don't need to login to Strava. The Segment Builder is currently connected to my Strava Account and can only access public Segments and efforts.

Please Note

I am not affiliated with either Strava or Garmin!

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Privacy Note

This site uses the so called Local Storage of your browser to provide you a list of recent segments and to ease the usage. This Local Storage is only used for that purpose, I am not tracking anything you do on this site.

Please do not use my tool if you don't agree to the usage of the Local Storage of your browser.

1. Select a Segment

Go to Strava and find the Segment you want to export. You can find Segments via the Segment Explorer / Segment Search or in the Segment section of one of your rides.

Go to the Segment Details Screen and copy the URL of the Segment:

If you want to access a Segment from the Segment section of one of your rides, please click on "View full leaderboard"

Note: Please do not copy the URL of your ride beginning with "" but the Segment URL beginning with ""

2. Populate the leaderboard

After pasting the Segment URL into the Segment Builder and hitting Search you will see the Segment details and leaderboard.

You can now start to select entries from the leaderboard. There are currently three options to select a leaderboard entry

2.1 Segment Leader, Personal Best, Challenger? What are you talking about?

On the Garmin Edge 1000 there are predefined types of leaderboard entries. If you already use Garmin Connect to export Segments you probably already noticed Segment Leader (or Connection) and Personal Best but the Edge 1000 supports even more types. See the full list of supported type in the sample screenshot below.
I've implemented a special handling for the Personal Best: The last athlete you used for the personal best will be stored. Once you load another segment the best time of that athlete will be preselected as Personal Best, I hope that will save you some clicking.

You can freely chose the type of each entry. For example the Segment Leader doesn't need to be the fastest time. To change the type of an leaderboard entry just choose the type in the dropdown box as seen here:

2.2 Why are there three options to select an entry (Rank, Club Rank, Athlete)?

If you plan to export this Segment only once it doesn't matter where you click. But if you plan to export this Segment multiple times at different days this will save you a lot of time and clicking.

Once you selected some entries from leaderboard this will be stored (locally in your browsers so called Locall Storage). The next time you load this particular segment the selected entries will automatically be updated.

Note: You can freely configure every type of leaderboard entry. For example you can use the best time of "Donald Duck" as Segment Leader even if he has not the fastest time.

3. Export Segment

Once you are finished configuring the Segment you can hit the "Export as FIT-File"-Button in the upper right corner. It may take some time to generate the file, so please wait a few seconds for the download to start.

After the download is complete need to copy the downloaded file onto your Edge. Please put the file in the directory Garmin/NewFiles. You may also add more files to that directory before powering on the Edge.

Note: Some people told me it also worked to copy the files directly to the Segments-folder on the Edge. I do not recommend that, please place the files in the NewFiles-folder.

4. What's next?

After completing step 3 you will be able to use the Segment on your Edge 1000. As stated above you may come back at any time later (with the same browser) to export that segment again with your last settings taken into account.

I am planning to implement some new features and to fix some bugs/minor issues. Here is my current whishlist/roadmap:

5. Sounds great - what's the timeline?

I can only work on this tool in my free time, so I can't give you any timeline. I'll try to give my best but I can't guarantee anything.

If you want to, you can try to motivate me by ging a donation: